• institut moderne du liban
  • Collège Père Michel Khalifé
The Modern Institution of Lebanon, founded in 1959 by Father Michel Khalife, is currently directed by Mr. Mounir Affeich (Academic Director) and Mr. Maroun Khalife (Administrative Director), with the association of many advisory committees: the Establishment Committee, the Pedagogical Committee, the Parents Committee, and the Teachers Committee.

The Modern Institution of Lebanon has an educational and pedagogical structure that welcomes candidates coming from different communities, with different religions, nationalities and ethnics backgrounds. The Institution follows two academic programs that are significantly different yet complementary: the programs were developed by the two Ministries of Education of Lebanon and France according to a differentiated educational system.

The Institution adds to the programs mentioned above a number of extracurricular activities, such as art (painting, sculpture, music, choreography and poetry), martial arts (individual attack and defense disciplines), visiting museums, historical and educational sites... picking apples and olives…, the environment class, and skiing class.

IML is located in a pine forest on the borders of Beirut, the Lebanese capital. Its building was restored in 1997, and it contains a computer lab, science labs, a library, multipurpose halls, sport fields, locations for residential student and the cafeteria, in addition to the traditional class
rooms. A project that is still under study: adding a theater and a gymnasium to the campus. The languages thaught are Arabic (mother language), French (second language in the country), English (3rd obligatory language in all levels), Spanish and Italian (optional languages).