• institut moderne du liban
  • Collège Père Michel Khalifé
The philosophy of a system is the general principle, or actually the general principles on which the functioning of the system is based, and it works in order to get to the results that the system is looking after. The Modern Institution of Lebanon is considered as an educational and pedagogical structure, its principles are marked by a highly modern atmosphere and by a joyful method that Father Michel Khalife started 40 years ago, taken from the German philosopher Friederich Nietzsche from his book:”The joy of knowledge”.

The joy of knowledge.
To know is to be born in the reality, and to meet others and one‘s self. It’s the joy of being continuously reborn.
Knowing is overcoming any problem. It’s the joy of overcoming. Learning enhances the pleasure of living, and sets up a joyful spirit. The joy overflows when the object to be learnt is more valuable.

The passion of knowledge.
To know is to predict. Knowledge is the passion of imagining that it is possible to release ourselves into the present, to contemplate the future and project ourselves into it. It leads to a better adjustment with the reality, or actually a better interaction with it. Knowing is living more
and living better, it is surviving. Life is worth living if we consider that it is a way of learning.

A passionate project.
To learn is to form a unique bond between men and reality, a bond among men, and a bond between every men and himself. It is all worth the effort. This project grows within itself a big passion, a passion to discover undiscovered continents, and to access new dimensions.
Therefore, knowledge is a passionate project that’s full of ambition, and thanks to this project men relate to reality and make it suitable be making or remaking themselves.

Opening up and availability:
There is a danger threatens us: the past weighs on our shoulders and sometimes it keeps us from moving ahead; moreover, men tend to over think. Therefore, knowledge takes a continuous load of work, we never know enough. Nothing should be taken for granted. This implies opening up and being available for knowledge. This is how the access to the “truth” requires setting one’s self free from the knowledge previously acquired. Here comes the joy of letting go.

Life is a priority.
Knowledge is there to serve life, but it may sometimes stop life from evolving and extending its horizons of novelty, its wealth, and its power. This is why it is sometimes a necessity to go back to life and to somehow forget what we already know.