• institut moderne du liban
  • Collège Père Michel Khalifé
The goals are etymologically the results that the Institution is supposed to obtain, and the achievements proposed for the Institution to reach. They are the ultimate target continually pursued. These goals reflect and show the philosophy of IML. In other words, they update and realize the principals on which the functioning of IML is based.

The admiration of knowledge.
IML works on creating within the students a desire for knowledge, this desire is established by the need to know more, and it is expanded by the joy of knowing. This leads to grow within the students the admiration of knowledge.

The enthusiasm of knowledge.
Knowledge is a very noble action that cannot be accomplished without passion. Knowing is too sublime to be brought down to commonplace. While learning, the student acquires the inheritance of the humanity and renews it by enlarging it. Knowledge can be considered as a prayer! In the MIL the class room is alive. The students build their learning, they are happy to discover within themselves and by themselves the laws that take over the reality and enlighten the “human phenomenon” and the human relations.

The art of listening.
We are talking here about listening to the reality, to others, and to one’s self. IML teaches the students not to cut out on reality, and not to cut the road that unites them with others. Not only others belonging to the same culture, but also and most importantly other humans no matter what culture they belong to.

Life, the ultimate reference.
One of the challenges that IML tries to break every year: help the students rejected by other schools that pretend that they are helpless cases. This is an original and essential act of faith written in the ancient texts of IML, and it is based on believing in children as persons who
are capable of speaking and thinking.

In search of one’s self.
IML looks after letting the student be themselves within and through knowledge. Therefore, the teacher stays in the background in order for the student to spread out and enhance his gifts. Knowledge sets the spirit free and brings happiness and joy.